How much is the per diem charged to other facilities for boarding detainees?
Our normal per diem charge is $60. This charge can fluctuate depending on the current economic climate. We will however enter into “preferred status contracts” with other facilities. Those facilities that can guarantee a minimum number of boarders for a period of time to exceed 30 days can be offered a per diem as low as $50 depending on that number.

Revenues collected for boarding detainees since opening have varied somewhat but have generally exceeded budget predictions.

Revenues by year from January 2001 through December 2008

  • 2001 $ 735,562
  • 2002 $1,166,547
  • 2003 $1,506,380
  • 2004 $ 841,165
  • 2005 $1,173,426
  • 2006 $1,022,356
  • 2007 $1,224,256
  • 2008 $1,017,500
  • Total $8,687,192

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