How many beds may be used for boarding from other facilities?
Any beds not being used for Goodhue County Detainees can be used to board detainees from other jurisdictions. Although our facility size is placed at 170, our official operating capacity is set at 153 and we strive to stay within that number. In July of 2000 our average daily population was about 45 detainees with ¼ to ½ of those being boarded in from other jurisdictions. In 2001 our average daily population increased to around 112 with about 2/3rds being boarded detainees. We now average between 120 and 130 detainees daily with ½ to ¾ being boarded in. We do a large board trade with the surrounding counties and the southeast corner of the state, with Dakota County housing the biggest number; on average 40 +, but we also house large numbers for Winona, Wabasha, Houston and Dodge Counties and lesser numbers for Mower, Fillmore, Freeborn, Rice, and Waseca Counties. We will however accept boards from any jurisdiction within the state that needs the beds; provided we have the beds available.

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10. How many beds may be used for boarding from other facilities?
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