How many detainees are booked in annually?
In 1999, the last year we were in the old jail, the county booked in a total of 1381 detainees.
In 2000, the first year we were in the new facility, a total of 1670 detainees were booked in. These numbers have steadily increased since that time and we now average just under 3000 bookings a year. This translates to about 8 new bookings per day.

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1. What is the total size of the detention center?
2. What is the size of a typical cell?
3. What is the capacity of the detention center?
4. What was the total cost of the detention center construction?
5. Why are there no bars?
6. How are the doors operated?
7. Why are there so many windows?
8. Are all the cells the same?
9. How many detainees are booked in annually?
10. How many beds may be used for boarding from other facilities?
11. How much is the per diem charged to other facilities for boarding detainees?
12. What types of detainees can be placed in the Goodhue County Adult Detention Center?
13. Is the staff safe in this type of detention center?
14. What weapons, if any, is staff allowed to carry for protection and security?
15. What kind of training is required of staff?
16. What is the detainee improvement account?
17. What is a booking fee?
18. What are co-pays?