What is adult foster care?
Adult foster care is defined as a home setting in the community for adults who are unable to live independently due to physical, emotional, developmental, or mental health impairments. The home can provide up to 24-hour supervision for 1 to 4 residents (5 if caring for elderly residents). Residents receive meals, support, supervision, and some assistance with personal care and living skills as needed. Adult foster care homes are licensed by the State of Minnesota under Rule 203 and 245A.

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1. What is adult foster care?
2. What types of adult foster care are there?
3. What are the licensing requirements for adult foster care?
4. What is the application process?
5. How are providers paid?
6. What kind of clients will I get?
7. What is the role of the licensor?
8. What types of supports are available to adult foster care providers?
9. What are the training requirements for foster care providers?
10. Am I responsible for residents’ medical bills?