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PUBLIC HEARING: Request for Variance to Feedlot Setback Standards

Request for Variance, submitted by David & Ann Buck (Owner/Operators), to Article 13 (Confined Feedlot Regulations) setback standards to allow an expansion of an existing Feedlot within 91% odor annoyance-free rating (as determined by the OFFSET model) of an existing dwelling. Parcel 33.019.0400. 37298 180th Ave, Goodhue, MN 55027. NW ¼ of Sect 19 Twp 111 Range 15 in Goodhue Township. A1 Zoned District.  

PUBLIC HEARING: Request for Variance to R1 District Setbacks from Feedlots

Request for Variance, submitted by Jason Krueger (Buyer), to R1 (Suburban Residential District) setback standards to allow the rezoning of property in the A3 (Urban Fringe District) to R1 within 1000 feet of a confined feeding operation. Parcel 40.035.2200. 16632 515th Street, Pine Island, MN 55963. Part of the W ¼ of the E ½ of the NW ¼ of the SE ¼ of Sect 35, Twp 109 Range 16 in Roscoe Township. A3 Zoned District. 


Anyone interested is invited to attend. Agenda items may be subject to change.

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