Community Health Improvement Plan

The purpose of the Community Health Improvement Plan is to explain how Goodhue County Health and Human Services, its partners, and its stakeholders in Goodhue County will address priority health issues over the next three to five years. This 2014-2018 plan is based on a community health assessment completed in 2012. The plan is meant to set priorities, coordinate efforts, and target resources.

  • Action Plan areas (2014-2018):
  1. Family and Parenting
  2. Mental Health and Chemical Health
  3. Unhealthy Eating Habits and Lack of Exercise
  4. Economic Health

Community Health Improvement Plan 2014-2018 (PDF)

CHIP Annual Report 2014 (PDF)

CHIP Annual Report 2015 (PDF)

CHIP Annual Report 2016 (PDF)

CHIP Annual Report 2017 (PDF)