Ordinances and Plans

  1. Draft Plans and Ordinances
    All Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016

  2. Current Ordinances
    Absentee Ballot Counting Board Ordinance 1986
    Access Management & Control Ordinance 2006
    Aggregate Removal Tax Ordinance 2010
    Assembly Control Ordinances 1977
    ATV Ordinance 2015
    Cannon Valley Trails Ordinance 1985
    Citation Ordinance
    Clandestine Drug Lab Ordinance 2004
    Dock Ordinance 2007
    Emergency Gambling Ordinance 1985 
    Firearms Ordinance 1974
    Goodhue County Building Code Ordinance 1985
    Goodhue County Parks Ordinance 1983
    ISTS and Well Loan Program Ordinance 1998
    Municipal Wastewater Treatment Ordinance 1996
    Ordinance Filing of Survey and Plats
    Ordinance Prohibiting Operation of Snowmobiles 1985
    Ordinance Regulating Nude Dancing in Bars 1987
    Parking Ordinance 1986
    Property and Buildings Ordinance- Public Nuisance 
    Regulated Animals Ordinances
    Rural Identification Ordinance 1988
    Septic Ordinance 2014
    Shoreland Buffer: Administrative Procedures
    Subdivision Control Ordinance
    State Building Code Adoption 2003
    Tobacco Ordinance 1999
    Utilities in the Public Right-of-Way Management 2003
    Water Quality Ordinance
    Waste Management Ordinance 1990
    Zoning Ordinance

    Byllesby Park Master Plan
    Comprehensive Plan
    Transportation Plan
    Water Plan
    Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Plan
    A-3 Health Impact Assessment
    Hastings to Red Wing Trail Master Plan

  4. Historical Plans and Ordinances
    Children's Camp Ordinance
    Children's Camp Ordinance 1985
    Feedlot Ordinance 1995
    Floodplain ordinances 1978
    Food and Beverage Ordinance 2000
    Food Protection Ordinance 1984
    Lodging Establishment Ordinance
    Wild and Scenic Rivers Ordinance1979
    Comprehensive Plan 2004
    Social Host Ordinance 2011