Right to be Notified of                                                             Right to Participate
-Victim rights                                                                                 -Request speedy trial
-Plea agreements                                                                         -Provide input on pre-trial          
-Changes in court dates                                                               -Object to proposed plea
 if subpoenaed to testify                                                              -Attend hearings
-Disposition of the case                                                               -Inform court of impact
-Pending appeals                                                                          -Request probation review hearing
-Sentence modifications                                                             -Submit statement on discharge
-Change in custody status                                                            from civil commitment
-Petition for expungement
-Request restitution/reparations
-Civil commitment outcome/status                                        

 Right to Protection from Harm                                                Right to Apply for Financial Help
-Tampering with a witness is a crime                                        -State financial assistance for physical
-Employers may not discipline or dismiss                                  or emotional injury (Reparations)
 victims or witnesses called to testify                                       -Victims may request court to order
-Request address withheld in open court                                  defendant to pay restitution
-Secure waiting area during court
-Request law enforcement to withhold
  identity from the public