Economic Assistance

Renew Your MA Coverage

Minnesota Department of Human Services has launched a new, online application to use when applying for public assistance benefits, which has replaced ApplyMN. This online service is mobile friendly, user friendly, can be fully translated in Spanish, and requires no account registration or passwords.  Apply at for the following programs: 

  • Cash
  • Food Support (SNAP) 
    • The SNAP program does require an interview. The interview can be scheduled to be done over the phone if you mail in or drop off your application.  It can also be done in person at this office Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
    • Emergency SNAP – Please be available for an interview within 24 hours if your household meets the criteria below: 
      • Households with monthly gross income less than $150 and liquid assets less than $100.
      • Migrant or seasonal farmworker households that have low income and $100 or less in liquid assets.
      • Households in which the combined monthly gross income and liquid assets are less than their monthly housing costs and the applicable standard utility deduction, if applicable.
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Housing Support Program (Group Residential Housing)

econonmic assistance

This department in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services manages programs that provide support for low income families, adults, elderly and disabled individuals of Goodhue County. Support programs include:

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement (PDF)

Additionally, the Child Support staff work with parents regardless of their income to:

  • Establish paternity
  • Establish orders for child support
  • Enforce orders
  • Modify child support obligations

Child support includes:

  • Basic support
  • Medical support
  • Child care support.

To see if you or someone else may be eligible for benefits, use the Bridge to Benefits eligibility screening tool. If the tool says you may be eligible for Medical Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Child Care Assistance, or Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) you can apply through Goodhue County Health and Human Services.

HHS Drop Box

Dropping off paperwork? We now have a convenient, secure drop box located next to the front door that can be used any time! Please put your paperwork in an envelope and write the name/department on the front of the envelope. Please note, originals will NOT be returned.

Hope & Harbor Homeless Shelter
Open Nov 2020 thru March 2021
Call 651-764-4294 for more information.

Report Fraud

Goodhue County actively pursues and investigates suspected fraudulent activity. Receipt of benefits such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance and Childcare may be based upon who is living in the home and the income and/or assets of all or some of the household residents. If a person intentionally gives false information or conceals facts about their situation in order to receive or increase their benefits, they may be subject to prosecution or administrative action. This could result in felony level charges, sentencing and disqualification from receiving more program benefits.

For suspected fraud involving recipients of cash assistance, child care assistance, food support and health care call the Department of Human Services (DHS) at 651-431-3968 or 1-800-627-9977 or go to Report Fraud or GCHHS 651-385-3200.