Documentation & Maps

Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) Documentation

Lower Wells Creek Watershed Report
The report for the Lower Wells Creek Watershed includes sections dealing with Landscape History and Setting, Natural Community Types found in the Study Area, Inventory Methodology, and the individual Natural Community descriptions. Also included are general management recommendations for select natural community types as well as specific recommendations for future management of individual natural communities, corridors, or geographic areas.

Goodhue County Report

The Report for Goodhue County has been separated into two volumes. Volume 1 contains information on the major landforms and natural communities within the county, management strategies for these natural communities, natural resource policy recommendations, and community descriptions for each of the watersheds. Volume 2 contains a detailed community survey for each site inventoried during the project. The community survey lists what type of land cover exists and specifically what type(s) of vegetation exists. There is also a rank given to each site that represents the quality of the existing vegetation.

NRI Maps

For each watershed, there is a set of maps. Within each set, there is a map for each site that was inventoried where natural communities were identified: