What's New in Recycling

Recycling in Goodhue County

GCRC has expanded its recycling program to reach rural county residents. Green recycling boxes have been dropped off in various places in the county. Please recycle only the following in the boxes: newspaper, cardboard, magazines, cans, green, clear and brown glass bottles and no.1 and no.2 plastics. For more information, view a map to find the box closest to you.

Computer Disposal

Have a computer that runs too slow? Too expensive to update the software? Wrong color? Don’t throw that old dinosaur away. Computers contain a number of chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals. Some of those chemicals are arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and beryllium.

If you can’t donate your outdated computer you can recycle it at the Wanamingo Demolition Debris Landfill, City of Red Wing's waste campus or AMG Alliance.

Printer Cartridges

Printer Ink Cartridges are now being recycled by most public school districts in Goodhue County for fund raising purposes. (Cannon Falls and Zumbrota/Mazeppa are two schools recycling the cartridges.) If your school district is not recycling cartridges please drop them off at the Goodhue County Recycling Center. Laser jet cartridges from desktop copiers can also be recycled here.

Tips for Consumers

Want to cut back on consumer waste?  Visit Reduce to find out more about cutting down on consumer waste.