Parks & Trails

The Goodhue County Public Works Department maintains and operates Goodhue County’s Byllesby Park, its amenities, and its trails for recreational use.  The County was also recently donated approximately 76 acres of land in Kenyon Township.  This park land is currently going through the planning process which will guide future development, management, restoration, and enhancement of the park.  The Public Works Department is responsible for the protection and preservation of land in its natural state, while providing for high quality outdoor natural resource-oriented recreational activities. Hunting is not permitted on Goodhue County park properties.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Goodhue County Parks, Trails, and Recreation Advisory Board is to provide a quality park, trail and recreation system which strive to preserve, protect, maintain, improve and enhance the county’s park land, trails, and recreational activities, on behalf of all current and future citizens of the County of Goodhue.

Other Trails in Goodhue County

Goodhue County is home to many spectacular landscapes and wildlife habitats.  Wind through this beautiful land on one of the Trail Systems in Goodhue County, and explore what our changing seasons have to offer.