Public Works

The Public Works Department is managed by the Public Works Director, who is also the County Engineer (a position appointed by the County Board). The department consists of several divisions: Highway Engineering and Highway Maintenance; Parks; and Waste Management.

Divisions / Functions
The primary function of the Highway Division is to provide safe and convenient mobility to the traveling public by efficiently managing the infrastructure of the county road and bridge system. The Engineering staff provides expertise in the areas of planning, design, and construction of the county highway system. The primary duties of the Maintenance Staff include year round maintenance of the county highway system and equipment. The Administration, Engineering, and Maintenance operations are primarily performed at the Goodhue County Public Works building on Pioneer Road in Red Wing.  Maintenance operations are also carried out from satellite facilities in Kenyon, Zumbrota and the Cannon Falls area.

Department Staff
The Public Works Department staff is also responsible for issuing permits for working in the county road right-of-way (i.e., Driveway / Access Permits, Drainage Permits, Utility Permits) as well as permits for transporting over-width/overweight loads on county roads.

Solid Waste Division
The Solid Waste Division is responsible for recycling, household hazardous waste, solid waste, and wetland management. The department operates a Recycling Center in Red Wing and eight satellite recycling drop-boxes at various locations throughout the county.

Lake Byllesby Park
The Lake Byllesby Park located west of Cannon Falls is developed and maintained by the Public Works department.