School Resource Deputies

Protecting Our Schools

A School Resource Deputy is a law enforcement officer who is assigned to work in a school. The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office currently has one deputy assigned to the Pine Island School and another deputy assigned to Zumbrota-Mazeppa schools.

Goals & Responsibilities

The main goal of the school deputy is to prevent juvenile delinquency by promoting relations between youth and law enforcement. The school deputy position encompasses three major components allowing the deputy to achieve this goal - law enforcement, education, and counseling. These 3 components allow the deputy to take a proactive approach to law enforcement. School deputies are not just “cops” on campus. They teach law related education and other relevant topics, they counsel students on various concerns, provide a safe, secure campus and are involved in the student’s lives as a positive role model. The intent is that the positive experiences deputies have with the students will bridge the gap between law enforcement and the youth of our community.

Contact Your School Deputies

Tyler Rogers

Pine Island Schools
Ph: 507-356-8326 ext 112

Josh Kurtti

Zumbrota-Mazeppa Schools
Ph: 507-732-7395 ext. 1216