Protect & Serve

The Sheriff Office Patrol Division is divided into three primary areas; Road Patrol, Four-Seasons, and Civil / Bailiff / Transports. The patrol division is made up of 31 full-time deputies and 5 part-time deputies who are responsible for performing all patrol related tasks of the Sheriffs Office. Patrol deputies engage in the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activities and enforce the laws of City, State, County and Federal governments. Patrol deputies perform all duties mandated to the Sheriff’s Office by state statute.

Squad Car

Of the patrol division deputies, twenty-two are assigned full-time to road patrol duties. These are the deputies you see daily patrolling in fully marked sheriff cars and who answer your calls for service. Four full-time deputies and two part-time deputies are assigned to fulfill the daily duties in the areas of civil process, court security, court ordered transports and transportation of incarcerated persons. Two full-time deputies and three part-time deputies are assigned to the daily duties of patrolling the water ways, snowmobile patrol, ATV patrol and general office operations. Two road patrol deputies are assigned the additional duties of being police canine handlers.

Keeping Schools Safe

The Sheriff’s Office has two deputies who are assigned full-time to the investigations division as School Resource Deputies for the Pine Island and the Kenyon-Wanamingo School Districts. The two deputies also help supplement the road patrol and the criminal investigations division during times when the schools are not in session.

The Sheriff’s road patrol is the most publicly recognized area of Sheriff’s Office. The road patrol is divided into four platoons to meet the 24-hour coverage needs of the county and the needs of our four municipality policing contracts. The Sheriff’s Office holds policing contracts with the cities of Pine Island, Wanamingo, Bellechester and Dennison. The amount of patrol time and level of services provided for each community varies depending upon the contractual agreement.

Policing The Road

A typical road patrol shift has one deputy covering the east half of the county, one deputy covering the west half of the county, one roaming deputy, and a roaming Sergeant who is assigned to supervise the daily operations of the road patrol. Additionally, there is a deputy assigned to Pine Island and Wanamingo to meet the contractual agreements of their policing contracts with Goodhue County. Under the Pine Island contract a Sergeant is assigned to be the direct liaison or the “chief of police” to the community. Services to Bellechester and Dennison are filled by the deputies assigned to those areas daily. There is also a Sergeant who oversees the Four-Season Patrol - Water, ATV, and Snowmobile and Office Operations areas of the Sheriff’s Office.

Giving Back to the Community

Patrol division deputies are actively involved in a number of programs that provide a variety of services to the citizens of Goodhue County. Deputies are involved in our Canine program, Bicycle Rodeos, Triad, Crime Free Housing, Crime Prevention Booths at the County Fair / Cannon Valley Fair and various Health Fairs, Bike Patrol, Sheriff’s Citizens’ Academy, Safe and Sober activities, National Night Out and other educational and crime prevention activities. If you are interested in any additional information or would like a presentation or demonstration for your organization from any of our specialty areas, please contact Chief Deputy Jeremy Lerfald at 651-267-2703.

All areas of the Patrol Division are dedicated to community oriented and problem oriented policing. If you have any need for a deputy, please call us - it will never be a bother. Squad Car