Healthy Communities

Promoting Healthy Communities

Working with individuals, communities, healthcare, schools, and worksites to help make Goodhue County a healthy place to live, learn, work and play.  We promote wellness and behaviors that prevent disease.

Key Principles

  • Upstream: Focus on prevention, such as healthy eating rather than cancer or heart disease
  • Community Engagement: Share ownership of work through collaborations and partnerships
  • Health Equity: Aim for the highest level of health for all residents
  • Policy, System, and Environmental Change: Make healthy choices easy, safe, and affordable
  • Evidence-Based: Choose interventions that have been shown to work


What We Do:

             Health Assessment and Planning
             Emergency Preparedness
             Health Impact Assessment (HIA): Goodhue County Urban Fringe District HIA
             Mental Health Awareness: Make It OK
             Healthy Eating & Active Living: Live Well Goodhue County & 
                                                                     Live Healthy Red Wing
             Tobacco-Free Living: Live Well Goodhue County
             Traffic Safety: Toward Zero Deaths (TZD)