Sheriff's Office

A Message from Goodhue County Sheriff Scott T. McNurlin

Fellow Residents,

On behalf of myself and the men and women of the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office, let me welcome you to our website. I hope you find the information contained here helpful and informative. Our website has been designed to make our information easy to access and user friendly. Should you not be able to navigate our site or find the information you seek, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website e-mail link or by telephone so we may assist you further.

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 104 full-time law enforcement professionals, 40 licensed and 64 non-licensed deputies, and over 60 civilian volunteers who make up our seven divisions. Those seven divisions within the sheriff’s office include our Administrative Division, our Adult Detention Center, our E911 Communication Center, our Investigative Unit, our Office of Emergency Management, our Patrol Division, and our Records Management Division. We are committed to working with you in a problem solving relationship to fight crime, reduce fear, maintain peace and order, and improve the quality of life for all people residing in Goodhue County.

I feel very fortunate to live and work here. We have great schools, economic opportunity, and safe communities. We at the Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to the continuous improvement in the ways we serve the people of Goodhue County, and we will never be satisfied with the status quo. We value innovation, and we dedicate ourselves to proactively seeking new and better ways to serve. In the near future, we hope to provide you with timely, crime mapping information through our website so you can keep apprised of what’s going on in the county and informed of any crime trends that may be taking place where you live. This is just another step in forming a stronger partnership with the people we serve so Goodhue County continues to be one of the safest places we call home. Together, we can make a difference.

Scott T. McNurlin, Sheriff