Payment Options for Real Estate Taxes


Goodhue County offers the option of paying property taxes online. The online payment option allows taxpayers to pay their taxes by credit card or e-check. (This will be available for current year tax after property tax statements are mailed out).

Since the county cannot accept credit card payments directly, it is using a vendor that will accept those types of payments via the Internet. A processing fee of 2.8% is charged for this service, with a minimum charge of $2.00. Alternatively, taxes can be paid online by e-check, which makes a direct withdrawal from a checking account. A flat fee of $2.00 is charged for this service.

These payment options may prevent delinquent charges or the time saved mailing the payment or driving to the Government Center.  Pay online now. 


This option allows taxpayers to automatically pay their taxes from a checking or savings account. On the due dates the payment will be taken out of the specified account. Taxpayers interested in paying taxes by ACH must complete the ACH application three weeks prior to the due date and return it to:

    Goodhue County Taxpayer Services
    509 W. 5th St.
    Red Wing, MN 55066

By Mail

Your payment must be postmarked on or before the due date or penalties will apply. Checks should be made payable to Goodhue County Finance & Taxpayer Services.  Envelopes are included with tax statements. Our mailing address is:
    Goodhue County Taxpayer Services
    509 W. 5th St.
    Red Wing, MN 55066

In Person

Property taxes can be paid by check or cash at the following location:
    Goodhue County Government Center
    509 W. 5th St. Room 206
    Red Wing, MN 55066

Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.