Etch and Catch Program

FREE Catalytic Converter Etching WITH ANY PAID SERVICE

We have seen an increase in thefts of catalytic converters in Goodhue County.  The reason why thieves are going after these is because once they are taken off the vehicle, they are pretty much untraceable.  Which means if someone is caught with a catalytic converter, Law Enforcement is very limited in what they can do since we can't link the converter back to a victim to prove that they are stolen.  Thieves are taking these and selling them to "core buyers". Core buyers are the people who buy the catalytic converters for cash on Facebook Marketplace and other platforms. The core buyers then take trailer loads of stolen catalytic converters out of state to be milled for their metals. The going rate for these metals is $2336 (Palladium), $1176 (Platinum), and $30,000 (Rhodium) an ounce.

Etching your license plate onto the catalytic converter and marking it with high heat paint is a way to deter thieves from stealing your catalytic converter.  If you would like us to perform this service to your vehicle, just ask for it BEFORE service to your vehicle has started.

Participating Auto Repair Shops

Cannon Falls:

  • Nate's Garage


  • Royal Auto

Pine Island:

  • Beck's Towing and Repair
  • Bird's Auto

Red Wing:

  • Berghammer Tire
  • Big O Tires
  • Gernentz Auto Service
  • J & R Performance
  • Johnson Tire
  • Riverside Auto
  • TLC Automotive


  • Berg's Towing and Repair

Any questions please contact Community Engagement Coordinator, Deputy Jen Hofschulte #140 at 651-267-2869.