Board of Appeal & Equalization

Property Assessment Appeals

The County’s valuation and classification of a property can be appealed if the property owner does not agree with the assessment. Concerns must be related to the current year EMV for taxes payable for the following year. The Assessor’s Office cannot address an appeal of the EMV for the prior year at this time: an appeal of the prior year EMV can only be appealed through the Minnesota Tax Court and must be filed by April 30 of the year the taxes are due.

If you disagree with your estimated market value on your recent Valuation Notice you have the right to appeal.

To Begin the Appeal Process:

  1. Collect facts to show your case by gathering recent sales of like properties.
  2. Contact the Assessor’s Office at 651-385-3040 – option 1.
  3. Talk to a County Appraiser to review your information about your value or classification.
  4. No interior inspections will be conducted due to COVID-19 so you will be asked to supply the Assessor’s office with additional information which may include interior photos of your property.
  5. If issue is not resolved:
    • Call into your local Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting at the below phone number and access code.
    • Make an appointment for the County Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting.
    • Final option is to file in Minnesota Tax Court 651-539-3260.   


!!!! ATTENTION !!!

Notice of Reassessments

The Goodhue County Assessor’s Office will be performing reassessments of properties.  This is for the 2022 assessment for property taxes payable in 2023 in the following areas:

- City of Cannon Falls                         - Cannon Falls Township

- City of Dennison                               - Stanton Township

- City of Kenyon                                  - Warsaw Township

- Leon Township                                  - Wanamingo Township

- Holden Township

Due to COVID restrictions, Goodhue County appraisal staff will not be conducting any interior viewings as required by State standards.  The appraisal staff will be leaving their card, updating photos, verifying measurements in the above mentioned areas for the 2022 assessment.

If you would like to update your parcel information, please contact us at 651-385-3040, or complete a Property Questionnaire form by clicking here.

Board of Appeal & Equalization Meetings

At this time, the County Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting on June 15th (by appointment only) will be conducted through GoToMeeting. Please call 651-385-3040 to schedule an appointment time.  

County Board of Appeal & Equalization 

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021  6:00 PM

GoToMeeting ID: 429-096-757   Access Code: 429-096-757


City of Red Wing

Tuesday, May 11, 2021  5:30 PM

Link to Webex Meeting

WebEx Meeting (Phone): 415-655-0001   Access Code: 182 439 7198  Password: 2021 

Meeting TitleMeeting DateMeeting TimeGoToMeeting IDAccess Code
Belle Creek Township4/15/20219:00:00 AM941-852-085941-852-085
Belvidere Township4/13/20213:00:00 PM869-419-909869-419-909
Cannon Falls **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Cannon Falls Township4/14/20219:00:00 AM532-197-829532-197-829
Cherry Grove Township4/15/20211:00:00 PM908-679-653908-679-653
City of Kenyon4/15/20215:00:00 PM670-869-853670-869-853
City of Pine Island4/20/20215:00:00 PM985-524-789985-524-789
Dennison **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Featherstone Township4/22/20219:00:00 AM201-230-421201-230-421
Florence Township **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Goodhue Township4/13/20211:00:00 PM508-216-869508-216-869
Hay Creek Township4/22/202111:00:00 AM362-217-765362-217-765
Holden Township4/21/202111:00:00 AM519-926-197519-926-197
Kenyon Township4/15/20213:00:00 PM702-408-325702-408-325
Lake City **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Leon Township4/21/20211:00:00 PM911-849-805911-849-805
Minneola Township4/22/20213:00:00 PM814-332-101814-332-101
Pine Island Township4/20/20213:00:00 AM502-332-253502-332-253
Roscoe Township **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Vasa Township **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Wacouta Township **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Wanamingo **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Wanamingo Township4/14/20213:00:00 PM203-251-229203-251-229
Warsaw Township4/21/20219:30:00 AM607-409-213607-409-213
Welch Township4/21/20214:30:00 PM326-337-485326-337-485
Zumbrota City4/22/20215:00:00 PM203-773-477203-773-477
Zumbrota Township **4/19/20219:00:00 AM249-539-181249-539-181
Goodhue County Board6/15/20216:00:00 PM429-096-757429-096-757

** Open Book Meetings - Will have appraisers on hand to review questions and concerns and are held at:

Goodhue County Government Center

509 W 5thSt

Red Wing, MN 55066

2021 Local Board of Review Meeting Dates and Times

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