Hokki Stools Make a Difference

Student on Hokki Stool
Hokki Stool

Active Living in Schools Partner Story:

Hokki Stools make a difference at Tower View Alternative School.

With grant funding from Live Well Goodhue County, Hokki Stools were purchased for classrooms at Tower View Alternative School.

Seating options historically required that students sit stationary during their learning. Students have seven 50-minute class periods with only five minutes of passing time to incorporate movement into their day. The Hokki Stools are allowing students to incorporate movement into their learning while still engaging in the learning process and without causing disruption to peers around them.

The aim was to change the environment in which the students learn. The idea to purchase these stools came from a student who, at his intake meeting, spoke to his need to incorporate movement and fidgeting into his learning environment. He shared with us how in his current educational setting he gets up, moves about the classroom, and how he used stability balls for seating. As a result of these activities, he was able to better focus on his learning.

While we are finding that the students benefit from the tools, staff also see a benefit. Tower View is predicated on one to one instruction between staff members and students. Staff has found that they are able to easily move a Hokki to close proximity with students thus supporting the aim of changing the environment in which students learn. Proximity supports student learning. Ease of access supports student learning by allowing quicker response times from the staff.

An example of how the stools are working:

Student X works a job to support his family. At times he needs to rest, yet, he's still dedicated to his education. When overly tired he uses the Hokki stool to support staying awake to finish his work. Falling asleep would mean falling off the stool.

Teacher testimonial:

“I had a student that had an incredibly difficult time focusing in class. I suggested she try a blue rocker [Hokki stool] chair. Since beginning use, I've noticed increased work production and a greater focus on her part. The chair allows her to move while working - they are great!”

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