Operating Permits

If you have a septic system that requires an operating permit that was built before 2017 you will need to complete the form below.

Operating permit assessment application

You can complete the operating permit assessment application online here 


You can download and fill out the form here for mail or email

Operating permits are a requirement for all septic systems with a significant risk of pollution to ground water or high strength waste. The Goodhue County Septic ordinance specifically calls out:

  • MSTS systems larger than 5,000 gallons per day
  • Type II Systems (Holding Tanks)
  • Type IV systems (Advanced Treatment)
  • Type V Systems (Engineered)

Operating permits are also required for “any other system deemed by the Department to require operational oversight” Systems that fall under this category consist of but are not limited to:

  • Large Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (LISTS) >2500gpd, <5000gpd
  • Time Dosed or Flow Equalization systems
  • Event Centers, Weddings, or any facility designed to regularly accommodate a large number of people.
  • Facilities with a kitchen for regular customer or public use
  • Restaurants
  • Funeral homes
  • Commercial facilities with potential for toxic chemical discharge
  • Commercial facilities with extensive washing or cleaning activities that are designed to discharge to the septic system
  • Campgrounds

In addition to the list above there are some systems that also may require an operating permit depending on their design and construction. Other systems would be Type III (modified soil absorption) where the soil is unnatural material or reduced in size due to limiting conditions.