Kenyon Park Master Planning

Goodhue County has hired a consultant, the Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. (HKGi), to create the master plan for the new County park in Section 7 of Kenyon Township. The master plan will determine how to best utilize the park resources and will guide future development, management, restoration and enhancement of the park.  HKGi will be studying park opportunities, recreational needs of the area, natural resources, interpretive opportunities, and park, trail, and river connections.  The master planning process began in July, 2016, and will take approximately one year.  There will be several opportunities for public participation during this process.

Why do we need a master plan?

  • In order to receive grant funding, the park or trail must meet the criteria of the Greater MN Regional Parks and Trails Commission (GMRPTC).  One of those criteria is that the park or trail must have a current master plan (10 years old or newer).
  • The master plan will include a long range (10-25 year) vision for the park and guide future decisions about park activities, amenities, and capital investment.

How can I be involved?

Community open houses and online surveys have been held to gather public input regarding the draft concepts and master plan document.  The final draft is currently undergoing revisions, and will be presented to the Goodhue County Parks & Trails Board on November 14th.  The final draft will be presented to the Goodhue County Board of Commissioners in December 2017 for their approval.

Let your County Commissioner know that parks and trails are an important part of Goodhue County.  
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