Nielsen Memorial Preserve

The Nielsen Memorial Preserve consists of approximately 78 acres of land that is a "Big Woods" remnant in Section 7 of Kenyon Township. The majority of this property was donated to the County by the estate of Harold Nielsen in early 2016. Home to a diverse range of plants and wildlife, this park will provide a refuge for many different species and a great hiking and observing opportunity for park visitors. The park has diverse terrain with an even, level area towards the northern side of the park, as well as several ravines that lead down to the North Fork of the Zumbro River.

This park land does not yet have any parking areas, trails, or amenities.

Big Woods

Goodhue County has approved a master plan that will guide future development, management, restoration, and enhancement of the park.

Hunting is not allowed at this park property and the park will be closed during local MN deer firearm seasons.