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Comprehensive Plan


Goodhue County’s Comprehensive Plan Update

Goodhue County’s 2004 Comprehensive Plan  & Inventory Document

The Goodhue County Comprehensive Plan update process began in October 2002.  Two years later, the County Board of Commissioners approved the updated plan which emphasized three main themes:  

  • Preserve the County’s natural beauty
  • Preserve agricultural lands
  • Keep development around the cities

In addition to these main themes, the plan also emphasizes coordinating with the County’s cities and townships on common land use issues.  The cities are strong proponents of keeping rural multiple housing developments within the city limits instead of scattered throughout the County were services such as municipal utilities and services are non-existent, or too costly to extend in the future.

The Inventory Document contains demographic and geographic information for the county. This information was used as a base line for identifying issues now and for the future.

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