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Welcome to the Goodhue County Social Services

Income Maintenance/Social Services

The Welfare Board is composed of five county commissioners and two private citizens appointed by the Commissioner of Human Services, and that at least one of the appointed citizens be a woman.

The Social Service Center of Goodhue County consists of 4 units, to wit, the Goodhue County Welfare Department, the Goodhue County Social Services Department, the Goodhue County Mental Health Center, and the Goodhue County Office of Child Support. These four units of County Government share the same administrative board, the same administrator, and the same accounting department.

The Goodhue County Welfare Department helps persons in need to apply for financial assistance. The staff is well trained regarding the laws and rules of the programs, the details involved, the verifications needed in processing an application. Applications are taken for Medical Assistance, Minnesota Family Invest Program, and Emergency Assistance to Families with Children, Minnesota Supplemental Aid, General Assistance, General Assistance Medical Care, and Food Stamps. Eligibility is determined according to program requirements set by Federal and State laws.

The Welfare Unit has a Welfare Fraud Investigator under contract to handle Welfare Fraud referrals and investigations and to work with law enforcement and county attorney in prosecution of welfare fraud.

The Social Service and Mental Health Units provide services to people in two ways:  (1) Direct service provided by the Center staff,    (2) Services purchased from other public and private vendors.

Examples of Direct Services are: Adult Protection, Foster Care and Day Care recruitment, licensing and placement, Child Protection, and Case Management for the Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled, Mental Health Assessments, Mental Health Therapy, and Group Therapy.

Examples of Purchased Services are: Residential Treatment for persons with Chemical Dependency, Mental Illness, and Emotional Disturbance; Day Habilitation and Rehabilitation Services for Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled, Psychiatric Outpatient and Day Care.

The Office of Child Support is responsible for establishing and enforcing court orders for child support and establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock. These services are required for persons receiving welfare and are available to anyone who completes the application for services.

The Welfare Department, Office of Child Support, Social Services Department and Goodhue County Mental Health are all located in the Citizen's Building, which is "kitty corner" from the Government Center.


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