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Foster Care Program: Adult Foster Care


  • Traditional providers receive a monthly minimum room and board payment set by the State.  A Difficult of Care (DOC) rating may be set based on the required level of care.  The payment is usually a combination of the client’s pension, Social Security income, Social Security Disability, and Group Residential Housing (GRH) funds.  Residents who have the financial resources to pay can negotiate a fee with the provider.
  • Corporate providers must first respond to a Request for a Proposal and go through the County selection process.  If selected, a representative of the corporation must meet with a county contract manager to negotiate a contract.
  • Provider Enrollment Application - All providers delivering services to enrollees of MN Health Care Programs (MHCP) must complete an Enrollment Application form and a Provider Agreement form.  A provider number must be assigned in order for the provider to be able to submit a claim for payment for Adult Foster Care services provided to clients on the Elderly Waiver, CADI Waiver, TBI Waiver, or MR/RC Waiver.

  • MN-ITS Log-In: A billing system for providers enrolled with the MN Health Care Programs.  


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