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Child Care General Information: Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be licensed?
Minnesota Statutes 245A clearly defines who must be licensed:

Anyone who is providing care to children needs to be licensed, unless:

  • The children are related to the day care provider; and/or
  • The children are from one family; or
  • The care is for less than 30 days in any twelve month period.

Unless you meet one of these exclusions, you must be licensed in order to provide child care.  Operating a child care without a license and outside of the exclusions is a misdemeanor under Minnesota States 245A.03, subdivision 3.

How long does it take to get licensed?
This depends on a number of factors.  One of them is how quickly you return the completed forms and any information requested by the licensor.  If you need a fire marshal inspection, it will take longer to finish the licensing process.  Also, conducting the background study may take additional time if you have lived out-of-state. 

What is unlicensed care?
Under “Legal Unlicensed Care” limits, a provider is allowed to care for children related to them and children from one unrelated family.  A legal unlicensed provider who wishes to care for children receiving county assistance must “register” with Goodhue County Social Services.  Interested persons may contact Connie Minnick at 651-385-3200 or e-mailing her at

How do I make a complaint on a child care home?
Call Goodhue County Social Services at 651-385-3232 and ask to speak to the child care licensor.  The licensor will determine if the complaint is a licensing violation.

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