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Wanamingo Office

City of Wanamingo 


Wanamingo Office:

If phone is not answered, call dispatch at 651-385-3155 or
1-888-337-0002 toll free

Our mission is to work together in a problem solving relationship with communities, government agencies, private groups and individuals to fight crime, reduce fear, maintain peace and order, and improve the quality of life for the people of Wanamingo and all of Goodhue County. We accomplish this through our core values of integrity, professionalism, reverence for the law, and a vision for a better tomorrow.

The Wanamingo office is located at 401 Main Street in the city hall building.   The city of Wanamingo has contracted with the Sheriff's department for police services within Wanamingo.  If you have an emergency in Wanamingo, dial 911. To speak to a deputy about a non-emergency, you may phone the office directly at (507) 824-2497 (if a deputy is in the office), or you can have a deputy dispatched by dialing (651) 385-3155 and talk with the Sheriff’s dispatcher who will have a deputy contact you.

Greetings from Sheriff Scott T. McNurlin:

Dear Community Members,

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has a long tradition of providing law enforcement services to our cities throughout Goodhue County.  The policing contracting model was first introduced in Goodhue County in 1973 and continues today.

As your Sheriff, I see the policing of your community as a team effort.  We need to work together to identify and find solutions to your public safety concerns and needs.  When we work together we can meet your concerns and needs today and well into the future. 

Not all citizens in your community are aware of the policing contract system.  It is my goal to utilize this brochure to familiarize you with some of the services we provide to your community. 

My Best to You

Sheriff Scott T. McNurlin

Contractual Information: 

What are the Sheriff’s Responsibilities?

By statute, the Sheriff is responsible to “keep the peace”, “pursue and apprehend felons”, “be officers of the court”,  “patrol water ways”, “death investigation”,  “search for missing or lost persons”, and is the “keeper of the jail”. 

Additionally, the County Board has authorized the Sheriff to operate a 9-1-1 dispatch center, maintain an adult detention center (jail), operate a uniformed road patrol division, civil/bailiff/transport division, and a water/ATV/snowmobile division to meet the basic statutory requirements of responding to emergencies and investigating major crimes.  The Sheriff’s Office also provides canine units, a Tactical (SWAT) Team, school resource officers, and an investigation division to aid us in meeting the public safety concerns of the citizens of Wanamingo and all of Goodhue County. 

What are the Cities Responsibilities?

A city has the responsibility to manage policing issues in their community and the responsibility to furnish police services to handle their calls.  In order to meet this responsibility, cities have the statutory authority to create their own police department, join a joint powers police department, or contract for police services from the Sheriff’s Office. 

What is Contract Policing?

When a city chooses to contract for police services with the Sheriff’s Office, it hires the Sheriff to enhance the basic services already provided by the county.  Essentially, the city contracts the Sheriff to become the local police department and provide a quality level of police service.   

Why Contract For Policing?

Contract policing allows the city to partner with the County and leverage resources together to share and reduce costs for supervision, administration, training, clerical support, vehicles and equipment.  Contracting also facilitates greater communication and coordination creating an efficient, effective and affordable model of policing for your community. 

Who determines the Level of Policing?

Community leaders identify the level of police service they would like to provide their community.  Typically this includes preventive patrol, traffic enforcement, local ordinance enforcement, home/business checks, investigation of crimes, animal and public nuisance complaints, community event coordination, and crime prevention.  School resource deputies are also provided to the City of Wanamingo.  This position is contracted and paid for in part by the Kenyon-Wanamingo School District, along with the Sheriff’s Office.

Factors for Policing Decisions:

When making decisions on the level of policing needed, the city leaders consider both Community and Policing factors.  Community factors include the population, growth rate, geographic size of city, housing types, numbers of highways and roadways, relationship to major cities, commercial property, parks, trails, size of school, the local demand for service by citizens and the cost of providing the services.  Policing factors include the desired response times to calls for service, police visibility in the community, traffic enforcement, local ordinance enforcement, size of the city’s patrol area and familiarity with local issues.

Policing in Wanamingo:

The City of Wanamingo contracts with the Sheriff’ Office to provide policing needs in the community. Contracted services provide the city with all the resources of the Sheriff’s Office, including; preventive patrol, crime prevention, traffic and ordinance enforcement, and the investigation of crimes. The hours of coverage vary in each community that we contract with.  The decision on the hours of service is reached through an analysis of needs and is cooperatively decided upon by the city council and the Sheriff’s Office. Citizens should call 9-1-1 for any police, fire or medical response from public safety personnel. 

Greetings from Mayor John Simonson:

Dear Resident,

The City of Wanamingo contracts with the Sheriff for police coverage rather than hire our own police officers.  This decision was made because the City believes we will be getting quality service at less cost.  The City does give up some control by contracting with the County Sheriff but in return, management is done by a professional law enforcement organization.

Currently the City contracts for seven hours per-day of enhanced police coverage.  These are the number of hours a Sheriff’s Deputy will be in town.  The City will still be covered by the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputies during “off hours” of our contract.   It is important to realize that police protection is more than just patrolling to catch someone in the act.  True policing means involvement in the community and determining the problems and needs of our community.  We believe that with dedicated service from the Sheriff’s Office we will have that. 

I hope you will give both the Sheriff and the City Council your input on the success and challenges of our local policing contract. 


Mayor John Simonson

Be involved:  Citizens may contact the city hall or the Sheriff’s Office to discuss questions or concerns about the level of police services in Wanamingo.

 Visit our city’s web-site at:

Numbers to Know:

To request any police, fire, or medical response or to report any emergency: 

Dial…. 911 

To contact the Sheriff’s dispatcher for non-emergency information during and after normal business hours: 

Dial…. 651-385-3155 

For general questions or to request to speak to a deputy, or to have your call directed during normal business hours: 

Dial …. 651-267-2600 

Goodhue County Sheriff Office Tip Line: 

Dial…. 651-267-2699 or 1-866-887-HELP (4357)

For information regarding civil process service: 

Dial…. 651-267-2601 

For information on the Adult Detention Center (jail) visiting hours:

Dial…. 651-267-2804 

Wanamingo City Hall Telephone Number 

Dial…. 507-824-2477

Wanamingo Office
401 Main Street

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