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Four Seasons Patrol Division Water, ATV, and Snowmobile

Goodhue County Patrol Boat on Mississippi River

The Four Seasons Patrol Division is responsible for law enforcement and to promote safety on all usable waterways within the county. The division is also responsible for law enforcement, safety instruction and promotion of safe riding habits on the county's snowmobile and ATV trails.

During the boating season, deputies primarily cover the Mississippi River and Lake Byllesby in the north-west corner of the county. The department has a permanent boat house in Red Wing where two patrol boats are kept. The department also has several smaller boats on trailers that can be towed anywhere needed. The deputies also maintain buoys in waterways within the county.

Deputies patrol waterways to ensure compliance with laws regarding recreational uses of lakes, rivers and trails. The water patrol responds to a wide variety of calls, boating accidents and complaints. The Recreation Division is also responsible to conduct investigations of boating accidents. They conduct searches for drowning victims or missing persons on the waterways.

During the winter months, Four Season Patrol deputies take to the trails on snowmobiles to ensure compliance with snowmobile laws and also promote safety. In addition, deputies also enforce ATV related laws and promote ATV safety.

State of Minnesota Grant Information
State Boat & Water Safety Grant to Counties

Boat and Water Activity - 2010

Activity 2010
Boats Contact/Stops 398
Written Citations 33
Written Warnings 220
Verbal Warnings 26
BWI Arrests 1
Calls/Complaints 78
Boating Accidents 9
Fatal Boating Accidents/Drowning 0
Search and Rescue Calls - (70 hrs) 19
Boater Assist/Other 19
Vehicles thru Ice 3
Boat Rental Checks 167
Water Structure Permits 17
Event Permits 22
Navigation/Buoys/Markers Maintained 87

ATV/OHM Activity - 2009

Activity 2010
Citations 13
Written Warnings 52
Public Complaints 20
Injury Accidents 2
Driving While Intoxicated Arrest 1
Safety Talks/Class/Displays 2

Snowmobile Activity - 2012/2013 Season

Snowmobile Operations Report Total
SSE Safety Enforcement Hours Worked by Agency Officers 236
Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement  
Public Complaints (SSE Related) 11
Arrests/Summons (SSE Related) 14
Warnings (oral and written, SSE related Contacts) 113
Number of Alcohol Related Arrests (DWI, Reckless & Careless) 0
Number of Illegal Operation Arrests (Speed & Operate on Roadway) 5
Off-Highway Vehicle Accidents  
Number of Non-fatal SSE Accidents Reported to Your Agency 4
Number of Fatal SSE Accidents Reported to Your Agency 0


Snowmobile Patrol Equipment

Helpful Links:
Minnesota DNR
Wisconsin DNR
Coast Guard Boating Safety

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