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Intake Booking Area
Intake Holding Cell
Intake Waiting Room

Functions of this area include:

  • Initial reception for detainees begins here
  • All booking information is gathered here
  • Photos and fingerprints collected here
  • Staffed by one detention deputy
  • Detainee waiting area for detainees exhibiting normal behavior
  • Four holding cells for uncooperative detainees
  • Court staging area for detainees waiting to be brought to court
  • Power Shift Sergeant’s office

Activities in this area include:

  • Book and release individuals into and out of the facility
  • Holding violent arrestees in safety cells
  • Issuing of clothing, bedding etc.
  • Detainee property storage
  • Fingerprinting
  • Mug Shots
  • Interviews with investigators, probation officers and attorneys
  • Escort detainees to court through secure corridor
  • Waiting area for well behaved detainees for booking or release

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