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Recycling Guide

Recycling Center
3475 Hwy 61 N.
Red Wing, MN 55066
651-385-3109 (Leave Message)

Goodhue County has been involved with recycling for several years.  The operation recently became part of the Public Works Department.  Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  There is also a 24-hour drop shed on the premises.  A sampling of items that are collected for recycling is listed below, followed by disposal fees for certain items.

Tin and Aluminum Please rinse. The Recycling Center will accept clean foil.
Glass Clear, green, or brown (blue) bottles and jars only. Rinse, remove the lids and separate by color. Please, no light bulbs, window glass, ceramics, aquariums, vases, drinking glasses, stemware, glass tabletops or cookware (Pyrex).
Plastic Rinse and remove lids. Look on the bottom of the container for a recycling triangle (chasing arrows) with a number in it. The Center can accept bottles, jugs, and tubs with numbers one (1) and two (2). Please, no bags, toys, siding, or Styrofoam.
Cardboard Please flatten. No waxed or oily cardboard.
Newspaper Ads that come with the newspaper can be recycled with the newspaper.
Telephone Books Tear large telephone books into sections. Recycle with newspaper.
Magazines Shiny materials only. No paperback or hardcover books, please.
Office Paper Please, no shiny material, Kleenex, carbon paper, or junk mail.
Clothing Clean, dry, wearable clothing only.
Shoes Good, paired shoes. No winter boots, high heels, canvas, or flip flops.
Batteries Please recycle button, ni-cad (rechargeable), lithium, lead, and other specialty batteries. Alkaline and zinc carbon (heavy-duty) batteries are not hazardous and can be thrown in the trash.
Computers Computers and monitors can be taken to the Recycling Center 7 am - 4 pm weekdays. There is a charge for monitors.
Fluorescent Bulbs Fluorescent Bulbs can be taken to the Recycling Center 7am - 4pm weekdays. A fee will be charged.
Oil and Filters Households Only - Used oil and oil filters can be recycled 24 hours a day
ABSOLUTELY NO Appliances, tires, furniture, or garbage can be accepted at the Recycling Center

Disposal Fees*
The items listed below can be recycled at the Recycling Center during business hours only.

Type of Waste Cost Type of Waste Cost
Bulbs (Fluorescent): $.50 ea Scanner: $10.00
Monitors: 17" and under $15.00 Stereo: Receivers $10.00
18" and over $25.00 Consoles $25.00
Printers: Small $10.00 Televisions: 19" & under $15.00
Large/Laser $20.00 20" - 27" $25.00
Computers: Towers - Laptops Processors $10.00 > 28" $45.00
Camera, Camcorder: $5.00 VCR/DVD/DVD Players: $10.00
CD Player (small/Personal): $5.00 Typewriter: $10.00
Cell Phone/Telephone: $1.00/$5.00 Vacuum: $10.00
Copier: $.35/lb Misc/Others $.35/lb
FAX Machine: $10.00    
Radio: $5.00    

*Some items are subject to additional fees

Business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
If you have questions, call 651-385-3109 (leave a message) or 651-385-3025.



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