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Goodhue County Public Works Park Information

Goodhue County Commissioners created a Goodhue County Park and Recreation Advisory Board Committee.  The Board consists of 2 County Commissioners, along with 1 member from each district, a representative from area Bike Trail organizations, the County Attorney (or representative from said office), the County Engineer and 2 members of the Public Works staff.  The committee, acting under the direction of the County Engineer, elects a Chair and Vice-Chair person.  The Park Board researches and discusses items that pertain to county parks and trails and then presents recommendations to the County Board of Commissioners for consideration.


Name Representative of:
Heather Marx 1st District
Paul Schluter 2nd District
Mary Doerr 3rd District
Andru Peters 4th District
Sean Dowse 5th District
Scott Roepke Cannon Valley Trail
Roxanne Bartsh Goodhue Pioneer Trail
Richard Samuelson Goodhue Commissioner
Ted Seifert Goodhue Commissioner
Greg Isakson Goodhue Staff
Willie Root Goodhue Staff
Julie Huneke Goodhue Staff

Contact the Goodhue County Public Works office at 651-385-3025 or by
sending an e-mail message to Goodhue County Public Works with questions concerning
Goodhue County's Park and Trail system.

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