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Minnesota’s Smoke-free Law
Minnesota’s smoke-free law is the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act.  The law was first passed in 1975.  The Freedom to Breathe Act made significant changes to the law that took effect on October 1, 2007.  Indoor smoking is prohibited by state law in virtually all workplaces, public places, public transportation and public meetings.

Our state law does not regulate outdoor smoking.  County and city governments have the authority to pass local ordinances that regulate outdoor smoking.  Goodhue County does not currently have any local ordinances regulating smoking outdoors.  Business owners also have the authority to designate their entire property, or an outdoor area such as a patio or deck, as a no smoking area. 

Violations of the state law should be reported to Goodhue County Public Health Service (651) 385-6142 or (800) 950-2142. 

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(Get a copy of the law. Get Fact Sheets from MDH that explain how the law applies to different types of businesses.)

Fresh Air Minnesota
(Tips for implementing the law. Information about the benefits of smoke-free workplaces. Personal stories from hospitality workers and others about how the smoke-free law has benefited them.)


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