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What is GIS Day?
GIS Day is a grassroots event that formalizes the practice of geographic information systems (GIS) users and vendors of opening their doors to schools, businesses, and the general public to showcase real-world applications of this important technology.  GIS Day is held each year on the Wednesday during National Geography Week.  The National Geographic Society has sponsored Geography Awareness Week since 1987 to promote geographic literacy in schools, communities, and organizations, with a focus on the education of children. 

Join the celebration, visit GIS Day

Each year, GIS Day is celebrated in over 73 countries around the world!  Through the combined efforts of GIS Day participants, millions of children and adults are educated on GIS technology through geography. 

Each year Goodhue County GIS Department organizes events to celebrate GIS Day and to show how GIS has been used throughout the county.  In past years, GIS staff has visited with students from Kenyon/Wanamingo High School, Lake City High School, Red Wing High School, Twin Bluff Middle School, and Wastedo School.  The students learned about GIS and the importance of learning geography.  The students also were shown the Goodhue County online GIS mapping site and Google Earth as examples of GIS technology!  Each year, GIS staff plans different activities for GIS Day. 

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