Number Date Jurisdiction and Parcel Number Site Address Project Information

City of Kenyon

06-K049 7/10/2006 City of Kenyon 66-997-0027 901
Red Wing Avenue Mobile Home New Construction MH Dwelling

06-K051 7/11/2006 City of Kenyon 66-660-0150 806
Second Street Non-Residential New Construction Temporary corn storage bunker

06-K052 7/7/2006 City of Kenyon 66-365-0260 720
Washington Street Residential New Construction Garage

06-K054 7/12/2006 City of Kenyon 66-580-0130 702
Bullis Street Residential New Construction Deck

06-K055 7/24/2006 City of Kenyon 66-190-0111 111
Anglewood Drive Residential New Construction In Ground Pool

City of Zumbrota

06-Z057 7/11/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-389-0100 225
22nd Street Non-Residential New Construction Auto Repair/Pet Food Retail

06-Z060 7/5/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-801-1030 810
19th Street Residential New Construction Deck

06-Z061 7/5/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-2460 1465
East Avenue Residential Repair or Remodel Egress window & bedroom wall

06-Z062 7/6/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-540-0470 471
2nd Avenue East Residential Repair or Remodel Re-roof

06-Z063 7/10/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-520-0140 353
E 9th Street Residential New Construction Deck

06-Z065 7/11/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-0420 1500
West Avenue Residential Repair or Remodel Re-shingle

06-Z066 7/25/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-560-0070 560
W 3rd Street Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Add Walls to make classrooms &

06-Z068 7/27/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-2490 1255
East Avenue Residential New Construction Storage shed

06-Z070 7/27/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-760-0090 586
E 5th Street Residential Repair or Remodel Re-shingle

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