Number Date Jurisdiction and Parcel Number Site Address Project Information

City of Zumbrota

06-Z002 2/1/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-700-0320 28
Jefferson Drive Non-Residential Repair or Remodel New interior walls,dropped

06-Z004 2/8/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-1080 98
W 5th Street Zoning Permit New Construction Attached Sign

06-Z005 2/10/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-0950 654
Main St S Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Add hand sink as required by

06-Z006 2/22/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-630-0050 759
Willowmere Dr Residential New Construction Deck

06-Z007 2/24/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-1260 70
W 3rd Street Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Roof replacement

06-Z008 2/27/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-3080 150
3rd St E Residential Repair or Remodel Shingles-garage

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