Number Date Jurisdiction and Parcel Number Site Address Project Information

City of Zumbrota

06-Z095 12/27/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-100-1240 308
Main Street Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Remodel - Phase I

06-Z120 12/8/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-391-0310 835
Golfview Avenue Residential New Construction Dwelling

06-Z121 12/1/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-362-0030 670
Jefferson Dr Residential Repair or Remodel Window

06-Z124 12/13/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-412-0020 990
2nd St W Residential Repair or Remodel Install natural gas furnace.

06-Z125 12/27/2006 City of Zumbrota 72-700-0480 1433
Northstar Drive Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Assembly plant furnaces

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