Number Date Jurisdiction and Parcel Number Site Address Project Information

City of Goodhue

05-G001 1/21/2005 City of Goodhue 64-400-0090 103
Brenda Lane Residential Repair or Remodel Finish basement

City of Zumbrota

04-Z106 1/26/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-100-0680 1146
Main Street Residential Repair or Remodel Shingles

05-Z001 1/21/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-630-0070 654
19th St Residential Repair or Remodel Finish basement

05-Z002 1/21/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-414-0350 170
Quail Ridge Dr Residential New Construction Storage Shed

05-Z005 1/24/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-200-0040 433
Mill St S Non-Residential Repair or Remodel Ansul System in Kitchen

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