Number Date Jurisdiction and Parcel Number Site Address Project Information

City of Zumbrota

05-Z017 4/12/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-740-1240 1550
Jefferson Drive Non-Residential New Construction Mini storage bldg.

05-Z018 4/8/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-388-0430 238
Highlands Avenue Residential New Construction Dwelling w/3 Car Garage

05-Z019 4/13/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-200-0100 267
W 5th Street Non-Residential New Construction 2 Signs

05-Z020 4/18/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-630-0220 1320
Dorthea Drive Residential New Construction Dwelling

05-Z021 4/12/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-740-0430 742
W 2nd Street Residential Repair or Remodel Kitchen cupboards, roof domer

05-Z022 4/19/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-630-0530 1311
Dorothea Drive Residential New Construction Dwelling

05-Z025 4/27/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-700-0150 Raasch Ranch MH Court Mobile Home New Construction Handicap ramp to trailer.

05-Z027 4/29/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-266-0170 331
Perry Ct Residential New Construction Deck

05-Z028 4/29/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-240-0040 799
Warren Avenue Residential New Construction Deck

05-Z029 4/27/2005 City of Zumbrota 72-410-0080 360
13th Street Residential Repair or Remodel Shingles

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