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Solid Waste Advisory Committee


February 25, 2005
9:00 a.m.
Public Works Conference Room
Goodhue County Public Works
Red Wing, Minnesota


9:00 am      Call Meeting to Order and Approve Minutes

9:05 am      Introductions

9:15 am      Presentation on Waste Assurance Strategies (OEA)

9:45 am      Presentation by Trudy Richter on ARI Recommendations on Incinerator

10:15 am    Break

10:25 am    Report by Denny Tebbe on Council Workshop on the Incinerator

10:45 am    Presentation on Hauler and Tip Rates  (OEA) 

11:15 am    County and City Updates

11:30 am    Establish calendar for work of the Committee

11:45 am    Determine Agenda for March 11 Meeting

11:55 am    Set April Meeting Date and Time

12:00 pm    Adjourn       


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