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Planning Advisory Commission

Planning Advisory Commission Agendas and Minutes:

The Goodhue County Board of Commissioners established the Planning Commission and consists of nine members of which at least four members are residents of the portion of the County outside the corporate limits of the municipalities.

The County Board may by ordinance assign additional duties and responsibilities to the Planning Commission including but not restricted to the conduct of public hearings, the authority to order the issuance of some or all categories of conditional use permits, the authority to approve some or all categories of subdivisions of land, and the authority to approve some or all categories of planned unit developments.  The Planning Commission also reviews any comprehensive plans, official controls, and any plans for public land acquisition and development sent to the County for that purpose by any local unit of government or any state or federal agency and shall report therein in writing to the Board.

Planning Commission meetings are typically held on the third Monday of the month in the Jury Assembly Room of the Justice Center in Red Wing.  Please call the Land Use Department to verify times and locations.

2014 Planning Advisory Commission Schedule

2014 Agenda/Packets Minutes
1/13/2014 Agenda/Packets  
2/10/2014 Agenda/Packets  
3/17/2014 Agenda/Packets  
4/21/2014 Agenda/Packets  
2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
01/14/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
Agenda/Packets CANCELLED
03/28/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
04/15/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
05/20/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
06/17/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
07/15/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
08/19/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
09/16/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
11/18/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
12/09/2013 Agenda/Packets  
01/23/2012 Agenda/Packets Canceled
02/13/2012 Agenda/Packets  
03/19/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
04/16/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
05/21/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
06/18/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
07/16/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
07/30/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
08/20/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
09/17/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
10/15/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
11/19/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
12/10/2012 Canceled  


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