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Planning Advisory Commission

Planning Advisory Commission
Monday, March 15, 2004
7:30 p.m. 

Goodhue County Justice Center
Jury Assembly Room
454 West Sixth Street
Red Wing   MN   55066

7:30      Approve March 15, 2004 agenda.

            Approve minutes of February 9, 2004 meeting.

            Staff Updates.

            Conflict / Disclosure of Interest.

            Roberts Rules          

7:40      Change of Zone – Kenneth & Verleen Buck – Pt of SE 1/4, Sec 2, T109N, R16W, Roscoe Twp.  The request is for a change of zone from (A-1) Agricultural Protection to (A-3) Urban Fringe zoning district.

8:00      Official Mapping Ordinance – Land that is needed for future street and highway purposes and as sited for other necessary public facilities and services is frequently diverted to nonpublic uses which could have been located on other lands without hardship or inconvenience to the owners.  When this happens, public uses of land may be denied or may be obtained later only at prohibitive cost or at the expense of dislocating the owners and occupants of the land.  Identified on official maps of land needed for future public uses permits both the public and private property owners to adjust their building plans equitably and conveniently before investments are made which will make such adjustments difficult to accomplish.

8:15      To extend the Moratorium / Interim Ordinance for six months to one year regarding any change of zones from Agricultural Protection (A-1) to an Agricultural (A-2) zoning district within the 58 sections as it relates to the Crop Equivalency Rating (CER) change that occurred in the Zoning Ordinance, Appendix A, in 1995.  The purpose of the extension is to conduct a study and update the Comprehensive Plan.  The recommendation will be used as basis for the updated plan and to draft appropriate amendments or language to implement the plan through the Goodhue County Zoning Ordinance and other official land use controls.  For a completed copy of the Interim Ordinance, please contact Land Use Management at 509 West Fifth Street, Red Wing.

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