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Budget Committee

Budget Committee Agendas/Minutes

The Budget Committee is made up of the County Board Chair and Vice Chair, County Administrator, and Finance Director.  This Committee deals with issues that will impact  the county’s finances such as budget transfers, carryovers, quarterly budget reports, as well as out of state travel requests.  Recommendations from this Committee are forwarded to the County Board for final approval.  This Committee typically meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Administration Conference Room in conjunction with the Personnel Committee.

01/21/2014 Cancelled  
02/25/2014 Agenda/Packets  
04/22/2014 Agenda/Packets  
01/22/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
02/27/2013 Agenda/Packets Minutes
04/22/2013 Agenda/Packets  
06/25/2013 Agenda/Packets  
07/22/2013 Agenda/Packets  
08/30/2013 Agenda/Packets  
11/18/2013 Agenda/Packets  
12/17/2013 Agenda/Packets  
01/24/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
02/28/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
03/16/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
04/24/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
06/18/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
07/24/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes
11/27/2012 Agenda/Packets Minutes


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