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Board of Health

February 15th, 2005
County Board Room


Call to Order – Jim Bryant, Chair

Pledge of Allegiance

Disclosure of Interest

Approval of Agenda, February 15th, 2005

Approval of Minutes –January 25th, 2005

Review and Approval of the following items on consent agenda:
        Agreement with Goodhue County Adult Detention Center for Nursing Services, effective January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2005.
        Letter of Agreement between Goodhue County PHS, Goodhue County Social Services & South Country Health Alliance.

Review of Financial Reports
        Financial Overview

        Director Report
        Informal Annual Report
        Environmental Health Report
        Director of Nursing Report

Old Business

New Business

Committee Reports
       PHS Administrative/Finance Committee
       PHS Advisory Committee
       South Country Health Alliance
       State CHS Advisory Committee (SCHSAC)
       S.E. Emergency Medical Services Board

       Review & Approval of Disbursements



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