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Contact Us Email Forms

  1. Contact Administration
  2. Contact Auditor-Treasurer
  3. Contact Civil Process Division

    Contact Civil Process Division

  4. Contact County Assessor


  5. Contact Court Services
  6. Contact Environmental Health


  7. Contact Environmental Health
  8. Contact Finance & Taxpayer Services
  9. Contact GIS Map & Data Requests
  10. Contact HHS - Social Services

    SS distribution list - Kris Johnson, Abby Villaran, Deb Howe, Renee Roper, Dayle Charnecki

  11. Contact HHS Child Care Assistance

    Sara Gold

  12. Contact HHS Child Foster Care


  13. Contact HHS Deputy Director - Public Health


  14. Contact HHS Director


  15. Contact HHS Family Health

    Krista & Generic

  16. Contact HHS Immunizations

    Vicki & Generic

  17. Contact HHS Live Well Goodhue County

    Dave & Generic

  18. Contact HHS Reducing Tobacco's Harm: Four Corners Partnership

    Tom, Gina, Ruth & Gaye

  19. Contact HHS WIC

    Bea & Generic

  20. Contact Information Technology
  21. Contact Land Use Management
  22. Contact OEM
  23. Contact Public Works
  24. Contact Public Works Recycling/Solid Waste
  25. Contact Solid Waste
  26. Contact Veterans Service
  27. Maintenance Request Form

    Form for maintenance requests

  1. Contact Assessors
  2. Contact Building & Zoning
  3. Contact County Ag Inspector
  4. Contact County Attorney
  5. Contact Dispatch
  6. Contact Environmental Health


  7. Contact Facilities/Maintenance
  8. Contact GIS Database Management
  9. Contact H&HS HCBS

    Theresa & Generic

  10. Contact HHS Adult Foster Care Licensing


  11. Contact HHS Child Care Licensing

    Chris R.

  12. Contact HHS Child Support


  13. Contact HHS Deputy Director - Social Services


  14. Contact HHS Emergency Preparedness

    Ruth & Generic & Heather

  15. Contact HHS Healthy Communities

    Ruth & Generic

  16. Contact HHS Income Maintenance


  17. Contact HHS Public Health


  18. Contact HHS South Country Health Alliance

    Dana & Generic

  19. Contact Human Resources
  20. Contact Investigations

    Contact Captain Pat Thompson

  21. Contact Law Library
  22. Contact Planning
  23. Contact Public Works Highway Maintenance
  24. Contact Recorder
  25. Contact Surveyor
  26. Contact Webmaster