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Programs and Services

The Goodhue County Adult Detention Center Program office will provide a comprehensive and elaborate design of programs and services designed to help detainees develop the tools necessary for positive lifestyle changes.

By implementing specific programs and services, the Goodhue County Adult Detention Center shall contribute to the reduction of offender recidivism by utilizing the time that detainees spend incarcerated to help educate and develop skills for a more positive reintegration into society.

After classification, programs staff will conduct a detainee assessment interview where the detainee needs will be addressed.  Detainees will then receive information on available programs and services and a review of recommendations and options.  Detainees will then have the opportunity to attend and participate in programs and services that yield therapeutic, educational, recreational and re-directional latitude in order to meet those needs and to achieve specific goals.


Program Coordinator Janet Adams and Activities Director Candace Koehn and approx 50 volunteers and facilitators staff the Detention Center Programs and Services Office.  Their main responsibilities are to research, develop, organize, schedule, maintain and supervise the detainee programs and services taking place in the facility.  Programs and services available to detainees may include but are not limited to:

Therapeutic Programs Recreational Programs
Anger Management Gymnasium Recreation
Conflict Resolution/Management Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment
Domestic Violence Exercise/Fitness Education
Life Skills Education Board Games
Cognitive Skills Card Games
Educational Programs Re-Directional Programs
GED Preparation Alcoholics Anonymous
GED Testing Chemical Dependency Counseling
Basic Computer Skills Audio/Video Presentations
Creative Writing Self Help Pamphlets/Brochures/Book
Adult basic Education Parenting
Pre-Release Programs Job Skills and Preparation
Religious Services Library Services
Bible Study Facility Librarian
Church Services Magazines/Newspapers
One to One Counseling Law Library
Chaplin Services Fiction/Non Fiction & Resource Books

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Class Room
Class Room
Computer Lab

Programs Office
Programs Office


Other than the programs staff employed by Goodhue County, the programs and services department is fully self supported and funded through revenues that are collected from the detainees themselves through our commissary vending services, phone call commissions and sale of pre-paid phone call cards.  We average annual revenues in excess of $85,000.00 through these services.  Tax payer dollars are not used.  Additionally, the programs and services office utilizes mostly volunteers to facilitate the programs offered.  Very few are paid for services. 

The Programs area consists of:

  • 2,007 sq. ft. gymnasium available to detainees and staff with available volleyball, handball and two half court basket ball areas
  • Exercise and recreational equipment
  • 4 multi-purpose educational classrooms
  • A library with fiction, non-fiction, educational and informational material available
  • A computer lab
  • Placed within the living units there are numerous board and card games and two ping-pong tables that are rotated between the living units 


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