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Goodhue County Court Services

Goodhue County Court Services provides professional services to the Judge of the First Judicial District.  Services performed for the Court include pre-sentence investigations for adult and juvenile offenders and supervision of offenders placed on probation. 

Probation officers are accountable to the District Court in connection with their supervisory responsibilities which include individual counseling, monitoring of compliance with Court-ordered conditions, preparation of specific client assessments, placement and program client referrals, reports to the Court, and enforcement of Court orders. 

Court Services works closely with law enforcement to insure offender accountability and to promote public safety.  Court Services utilizes a Community Probation model, having individual probation agents assigned to specific geographic areas of the county.  Agents meet with clients in their home communities, and work with local community agencies and organizations to assist the offender in repairing the harm caused by his/her offense. 

Court Services relies upon Restorative Justice concepts to shape probation practices.  The goals of probation supervision are to build offender competencies, restore the victim to wholeness, and to promote public safety.

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