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Goodhue County Building Permits and Inspections

Examples of Projects that Typically Require Building Permits

Accessory Buildings, Carports, Garages, Sheds, and so on
Additions to Existing Buildings/Structures
Air Conditioning
Alterations to Existing Buildings/Structures
Decks: See handout for more information
Demolition Work
Electrical Work
Fences: Requirements vary by municipality
Fireplaces, Solid-Fuel and Liquid-Fuel Heaters, Stoves, and so on
Foundation Replacement or Repair
Furnaces and Heating Units
Garage Doors
Gas Piping
Heating System Work
Manufactured Homes
Mechanical Work
Modular Homes
Moved-In Buildings/Structures
New Construction, Main Buildings/Structures or Accessory Buildings/Structures
Plumbing Work
Repair Work, Depending on the Extent and Scope of the Work
Retaining Walls, Depending on Specific Criteria
Roofing Work: See handout for more information
Screen Porches
Siding: See handout for more information
Swimming Pools, Both In-Ground and Above-Ground
Temporary Buildings/Structures
Water Heaters
Water Softeners

Feel Free to contact County Building Staff with questions on specific projects


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