2017 Community Health Assessment

The Goodhue County Community Health Assessment Committee is currently meeting regularly to develop the 2017 Community Health Assessment report, which will be published late summer 2017.  Preliminary findings of the next assessment are available.  A summary of results from the mailed 2015 Goodhue County Community Health Needs Assessment Survey, as well as a data book, are available below.
  Summary of 2015 Goodhue County Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

  Data Book for Goodhue County February 2016

  Our Customers' Health, August 2017
To provide feedback about the preliminary findings, please use the link below to contact the Healthy Communities Supervisor at Goodhue County Health & Human Services. 
Comment on preliminary findings

A thorough and valid Community Health Assessment is a customary practice and core function of public health, as well as a national standard for all public health departments. The Community Health Assessment is guided by a community-level partnership with other organizations to access data, provide various analytical perspectives, present data and findings, and share a commitment to using the data.    

Identification of health priorities (2012):

  1. Family and Parenting
  2. Mental Health
  3. Unhealthy Eating Habits
  4. Lack of Exercise
  5. Economic Health
  6. Chemical Health
  7. Driving Behaviors
  8. Transportation Options
  9. Obesity
  10. Health Insurance Concerns

Community Health Assessment Priority Report 2012